Giant footprint and ancient pyramid temple in Lepakshi India

Although Lepakshi is a small village in Andhra Pradesh – India, Lepakshi is very important historically and archaeologically. There is some thing mythical in the place when you connect facts to the legends:

There is a Giant footprint in Hindu temple – Sita Amman Kovil. In the shade of a mountain is Sita’s blue temple with shrines to Rama, Sita and Hanuman the monkey God. Beside the temple is a stream and a large rock with giant footprints on it – the footprints of Hanuman as he jumped to find Sita and give her Rama’s ring. There is similar giant footprints of Shri Ram and Sita at Sphatik Shila and in Chitrakoot.




The footprint always has a trickle of water coming into it from somewhere not known. Near by there is Veerabhadra temple with a pyramid tower and pillars with amazing carving of  life-size images of dancers.  Legend has it that the Naga (ancient Indian reptilian race) of the Nagalinga was carved out of a single stone by sculptors while they waited for their mother to prepare lunch.




A huge Nandi bull made out of a single granite stone is one of the attractions in Lepakshi.The place is renowned for being one of the best repository of mural paintings (see below) of the Vijayanagar Kings.




Adding up giant foot print, pyramid, reptilian race and megalithic bull statue – it seems there is more than meet the eye in that small village.