Extraordinary images of underwater creatures when exposed to ultraviolet light

A British scuba diver used special underwater photographic equipment to highlight the fluorescence in marine creatures. The bright green, red and yellow colors are enhanced with ultra violet (UV) and blue-filtered light to see the unique effect. When viewed under normal white light, the majority of the creatures have a muted brown and beige color. But when photographed with the special equipment, they transform into spectacular and colorful creatures.



fluo hard coral 

Alex Tyrrell, a scuba diving instructor from London, captured the images while working near the Philippines and Thailand.



Lisa’s Mantis Shrimp

The 39-year-old said: ‘It is still not fully understood why certain creatures fluoresce and others do not.

‘I have even seen two identical fish side by side where one fluoresces and the other doesn’t.

‘Maybe this is an effect they can turn on and off at will – possibly for communication.’

The pictures show a 10 centimetre anemone hermit crab who lives in the discarded shell of a snail.

A striking vivid yellow and green eel, known as the fimbriated moray, appears to approach the camera ready to bite.

A white-spotted hermit crab

Mr Tyrrell managed to find this spectacular fluo bubble coral, fluo hard corals and fluo mushroom coral.

A bright green fluorescent sea anemone illuminates the water and is 40 centimetres in diameter.

An already alien-like crustacean, about 12cm in diameter and up to 25cm in length, is hidden in its burrow.

But it looks even more out-of-this-world when glowing under fluo-lighting.

A striking striped triplefin fish and a white-spotted hermit crab light up the water with an amazing yellow and red glow.

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