Paranormal Activity: Evil spirit documented at the Wingate hotel in Illinois ? 8

This video was published a year ago and disappeared from the network, but now he gets viral with a new campaign. Hotel security cameras record looks and sounds just like a ghost horror movie (like “Paranormal Activity”), and although it is unclear whether it’s added effects editing or real documentation – it will make you shiver.


This documentation allegedly filmed on September 14, 2003 at Wingate, Illinois (USA) and published by hotel security manager. He says that hotel guests complained about the noise and shouts coming from room 209 on the second floor. The room has no dubious history that may explain the documentation.

Scattered throughout the hotel about 80 security cameras that we have documentation from some of them. Listening to the video you can hear the screams and see the outline of a figure faded out of the room,  that will make you stick to the screen.

The sound in the video is a mix of microphone and recording from a security camera that comes separate control room. The system was built for cases of a robbery, at which reportedly is why you can hear everything so high quality. One reasonable explanation is operated TV in another room produced noises like they are coming from this room.

According to hotel reviews online, many users complained that the walls there “as thin as paper.” Another question the reliability of the documentation provided by the supplier is why the guard into an empty room with a flashlight and not turn on the room’s light, or why he left the door open behind him?


What do you think, is this a very successful exercise in intimidation or real documentation of unexplained phenomenon?


8 thoughts on “Paranormal Activity: Evil spirit documented at the Wingate hotel in Illinois ?

  • Jim

    Since the guy on the tape clearly says they are contacting the police..and since there would have to be a police report filed before Wingate’s insurance would pay off on damages to an “unoccupied” room..has anyone tried to track down a field report on the event??.. There can’t have been THAT many reports filed on 9/14/2003 in Illinois…

  • Tim

    The audio is definitely dubbed, since there’s scary background music during the encounter, especially accented as the supposed ghost moves out of the room. This altercation of the clip brings question to the authenticity of the entire clip.

  • H.Ad

    I would definitely leave the door open too if I heard screaming and what not. Need a quick escape.

    But not turning lights on? Odd.
    or announcing yourself?

    • LuxilovesKush

      Only reason I could think of that he wouldn’t announce himself or turn on the lights is that he can get the jump on whom ever was in the room to begin with. I really hope this footage is for real because I love when footage like this is truthfully captured and not edited to make the appearance of paranormal activity.

  • Jessica Correa

    I don't know about you guys, but if I heard screaming and had no idea if it was caused by a robber or some assaulter, you'd bet your ass I'd leave the door open to assure a fast/easy exit outta there. XP In the video, we can see Paul already uneased by the screams, so yeah, it makes sense he'd leave the door open for himself. Also, if you're hearing screaming you're already on 'flee-or-fight' mode. Unless you're a maid whose very familiar with those specfic hotel rooms and can locate the wall switches even in the darkness, chances are you're gonna resort to a flashlight. You're not gonna waste time trying to locate the light switches, especially if you hear someone in immediate distress. And even IF you COULD locate the wall switches in the darkness, you're not gonna turn on the room's lights and immediately alert any potential robber/assaulter inside the room of your presence. Sure, you get to see a beam of light, but if the robber/assaulter is in another room, you can go in undetected. Hell, that's why squad members go into hostage situation with the lights off and only their flashlights! XP

  • Jennifer Freeman

    You don't turn on the lights because then any perpetrators can see you. The flashlight has a blinding effect. He thought he was rescuing a female being victimized.

  • Lacy Jay Webb

    I would have left the door open behind me so I could run out if ther ewas a murderer in there ya know… BUT I would have turned the lights on for sure!

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