Shades Of Death Road, Ghost Lake And The Fairy Hole

In central Warren County, New Jersey,there is a two-lane rural road of about 7 miles (11.2 km) in length, that involves paranormal activity and local legends. It’s called “Shades Of Death Road”. Stories about the road’s evil past talked about bandits that killed their victims after robbing them on the road, brutal murders, weird car accidents and high mortality due to malaria disease.

Apart from the more than spooky name of the road, what is most note worthy is the fact that their is a lake that lies to the south of this road, The lake is known as Ghost Lake. People have reported an unusually lit up sky above the lake and often other mysterious happenings. It was created in the early 20th century when two wealthy local men dammed a creek that ran through the narrow valley between houses they had just built. They gave it its name from the wraith-like vapor formations they often saw rising off it on cooler mornings. They further named the pass Haunted Hollow.

Visitors reported that no matter what time of night they visit the lake at, the sky above it always seems as bright as if it were still twilight and several have reported ghosts in the area, especially in a deserted old cabin across the lake from the road, supposedly victims of the murders once believed to have given the road its name.

To the right of Ghost lake, there is a small cave, once used by Lenape Indians, called The Fairy Hole. The cave is now easily accessible, archaeologists who surveyed the area in 1918 found pottery shards, flint, and broken arrow heads. From their findings, the archaeologists concluded that “The Fairy Hole” was not often visited. It may have been used as a simple resting point for traveling or hunting Lenape, but with its close proximity to several known burial sites, it is said to be a sacred or religiously important site. This survey was conducted before the creation of Ghost Lake.



Shades Of Death’s southern end is at County Route 611, or Hope Road, in Liberty Township one mile (1.6 km) north of the junction with County Route 617 (Mountain Lake Road) and two miles (3.2 km) north of where Hope splits off from U.S. Route 46 at Marble Hill, just west of Great Meadows. From that point it meanders along between the base of the Jenny Jump ridge and the low-lying flatlands of the Pequest River valley. About half a mile (almost 1 km) north of the interstate, in Allamuchy, it turns to the east and enters those flatlands, continuing all the while to weave back and forth through some sharp turns, until it reaches its northern terminus at Long Bridge Road.