A Yeti’s Hand Remains In Nepal ?

Held sacred in a Buddhist monastery in Nepal is what some claim to be the hand of a yeti. While many believe the hand is fake, many flock to the monastery to catch a glimpse. The monks consider the hand sacred and won’t allow any scientific testing. It has been said that a man named Peter Byrne smuggled the hand out of Nepal, giving it to London University for testing.


William Hill ran tests on the hand with surprising results. He concluded the hand was indeed hominid, but more closely matched that of Neanderthal than modern man. In addition, tests were run by NBC for the show Unsolved Mysteries and found the hand to be “near human”. The hand was then stolen, and its current location is a mystery. It is thought to be in a private collection—traded through the black market.

Return the hand from Yudhir Khanal on Vimeo.

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