Ayahuasca, Sacred Geometry And The Art Of Peruvian Amazon Tribe – Shipibo

Ayahuasca is commonly depicted by Shipibo artisans, who are well-known for their intricate designs, on their pottery and colorful fabrics depicting their Ayahuasca-based cosmology.  The geometric designs used by Shipibo artisans are quite unique.  As might be expected, their pottery was initially very simple and used as containers to preserve food.  With time, pottery and designs have become more and more complex.  The sophisticated designs and geometric patterns of the ceramics are passed from one generation of artists to another.  The pieces are extremely soft and light weight and their technique is all done manually without the use of pottery wheel

We notice that during the rituals, the natives describe the merkaba formation as a vision, they recreate it in art as you can see in the photo –

Copyright: Jose Manuel Chamorro 2008

and a video describing Ayahuasca vision –

The art form of the Shipibos is little understood by the outside world.  To the artists, it is not something that they are taught, rather they are inspired to create their distinctive patterns.  The women, rather than the men in the village, are the artists.  Commonly the women will work together to produce a single piece.  Each of the women seems to be moved by the same artistic spirit and one woman can interrupt her work and then assign another woman in the village to complete a particular piece.  When the artwork is finished, the resulting piece will look like it was made by a single artist.  This really is communal art at its finest.

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