3D Laser scanning in Stonehenge indicates stones were aligned with the sun to light up an art gallery

after conducting a groundbreaking 3D scan of the iconic stones of Stonehenge, it was found that they designed to stand to get light up like a display in a modern museum.

The new 3D laser technology revealed evidence of the importance of the midwinter sunset to the ancient creators of Stonehenge, along with 71 new images that was invisible to the naked eye due to weathering of the stone.

The site designers used the optimal materials where the sun rays would hit the stone, ensuring they would glisten in the final light of the setting winter solstice sun, or at dawn on the longest day.

The  scan has also found some more prehistoric carvings, including 71 new images of Bronze Age axe heads carved into five of the huge stones, bringing the number of such carvings discovered at Stonehenge to 115.

To find  Early Bronze Age carvings that are invisible to the naked eye, researchers analysed 850 gigabytes of information.

each one of the 83 surviving stones scanned by  3D scanners inorder to record billions of points micro-topographically on the surfaces of the monument’s.

the detailed analysis done on behalf of English Heritage found images had been engraved on the stones.


Researchers said it was clear the stones were meant to be approached from the north east up the ancient processional avenue towards the direction of the midwinter sunset.

Approaching and viewing the stone circle from this direction meant the winter solstice sunset had particular importance to prehistoric people, and efforts were made to create a dramatic spectacle for those coming from the north east, experts said.

The stones in the outer circle which could be seen on the approach from the north east have been completely ‘pick dressed’, removing the brown and grey crust of the rock on the surface to reveal the bright, grey-white underneath.

But the outer faces of those on the other side of the outer circle were not worked in the same way.


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