Unexplained Things In Sin City

In March, several people saw a variety of unusual-looking lights in the night sky flying around the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas. It was fascinating to watch as the objects moved in and out of what’s known as the Luxor Sky Beam, a powerful light beacon that shoots straight up into the sky from atop the Luxor pyramid structure.

Las Vegas is known for UFO’s sightings, paranormal activity of ghosts and even winged creatures. I think that the average unexplained loving guys out there, will have fun in so many ways.

The National Atomic Testing Museum, for example, is a fascinating place to visit, and learn about area 51 in the new “Area 51 – Myth or Reality” exhibit that reveals all the myths, presenting existing evidence, and let you decide.

The big advantage in planing an unexplained trip to Las Vegas, is the touristic nature of the sin city. It has plenty of hotels and finding the best vacation packages online is very easy.

Another Thing\creature you might bump into, is a very tall entity, standing some 2 meters tall, with two pairs of wings (one pair larger than the other). Its face is covered in fur and has red, bloodshot eyes. Also reported are a pair of small, kangaroo type hands that it held loosely, as though it lacked any strength in them.

Witnessed by several  People it is still unexplained.

OOhhh and if you like to do paranormal investigations, you should prepare your evp equipment, Vegas activity is red hot… or should i write ice back chilling cold. Las Vegas ghosts are everywhere. From the foreclosed properties to the spirits that inhabit them; there is no shortage of ghosts in Las Vegas. You can start from Green Valley Park, or pick up a location from research online.