Discover Barcelona From The Sky To The Ground

Looking at the amazing Catalonian city from above reveals it’s structure and order, it looks like a chess board. The city is made of perfect square blocks of buildings. The square blocks and the triangle shape roads that lead to center, create an exclusive look and a way to know where you are, walking among the beautiful buildings.

You can enjoy it and get a great view of the sprawling city of Barcelona, it’s centuries old historic centre and the modern architecture along the sea front from either a helicopter, a light aircraft or a hot air balloon.

The best way is to plan ahead, in order to build yourself the best schedule and get the best prices. Book your hotel online before you go, just like the flight tickets.

Traveling around the colorful city, i admired Gaudi’s buildings / basilicas, from the spiky towers of La Sagrada Familia the building that dominates Barcelona’s skyline, to the dragon roof line of Casa Batllo. The arches, and the stairwells will alway stay in my memory. His vibes are everywhere, and it’s like the city is a giant artistic fractal with taste (tapas and cava), smells, and a beach.

Detail of the roof in the nave in La Sagrada Familia. Gaudi designed the columns to mirror trees and branches.

Rooftop of Gaudi’s La Pedrera – Casa Mila.

I also liked my visit in the Mammoth Museum, checking out one of the best-preserved proboscidean skeletons on the planet, The friendly staff let me handle some of the exhibits including the tusks and molars of woolly mammoths and the hide of a woolly rhinoceros.  –