Incan Girl Who Had Been Frozen For 500 Years

When most people think of mummies they think of people wrapped in bandages. This girl however was found at the top of a 22,000 ft. mountain top in Argentina and is nearly intact despite having never been preserved (at least not intentionally). The girl was amongst 3 children sacrificed in a religious ritual known as “capacocha”.

In this ritual children who were considered of the best quality (physically beautiful) were taken to the summit of Llullaillaco and sacrificed. The children were given maize beer, eventually fell asleep, and once they did were placed in underground sections and froze to death. These children according to legend then were able to look over and protect their villages from the heavens.

The Mummy Is Nearly 100% Intact!

The craziest part of this story to me is that the bodies of these children are nearly 100% intact. When they were found their was still blood in their major organs (which were all intact), no bones were broken, and the skin and faces of most of them were in good condition as well. The cold temperatures (around 0 degrees Fahrenheit) and thin air on the mountain top were able to naturally preserve these 500 year old bodies.