Weird-Looking Purple Spheres Found in the Arizona Desert

A few days ago, a couple enjoying a walk in the Arizona desert stumbled upon a pile of weird looking purple spheres which looked like nothing they had ever seen before.

Their discovering these mysterious gooey spheres is now making headlines, primarily because nobody seems able to figure out what they are and how it was exactly that they ended up in the Arizona desert.

“We were taking photos around the area and we just…. I mean, how could you miss this? It was just like glittering in the sun,” the couple later told members of the press.

The exact location where these purple marbles were found is in Vale, just southeast of Tucson, Open Minds informs us.

As one reporter who went through the trouble of visiting the site later explained, these strange spheres “ooze out a water substance when squished.” “They roll, they shine, and they’re out of this world,” she went on to add.

Needless to say, some were rather quick in making a case of how these gooey marbles must be of an extraterrestrial origin.

Still, most biologists tend to be a tad more level-headed and maintain that, all things considered, the purple spheres might be either slime mold, or jelly fungus.

On the other hand, there is always the simplest of explanations, which more often than not happens to be quite true to facts.

Thus, it is likely that these purple marbles are nothing more and nothing less than water absorbing jelly balls (a.k.a. deco balls, water pearls, and polymer pearls), which are available for sale at a lot of earth-based stores.

Those who disapprove of this last theory maintain that nobody in their right mind would ever buy this many deco balls only to hydrate them and later on abandon them in the desert.

For the time being, it looks like the mystery will only be cleared once several tests are carried out so as to find out more about the chemical make-up of these peculiar gooey marbles.