Eagle Rocks Sanctuary – a monument of ancient culture

Trakiyskoto sanctuary Eagle Rocks is located in the Eastern Rhodopes , about 3 km. south of Ardino and 30 km. west of Kardzhali. This monument of the ancient Thracian culture is unique for Bulgaria and is one of the emblematic places, revealing part of the life of the rock people.

photo credit: http://myivoblog.blogspot.co.il/2009/10/11-2009.html

Due to the slope of the area, the height of the rock is not the same in different places. The highest on the west side, where it reaches 30 meters. On the north and south has a height of about 25 meters and the east – 10 to 12 meters. In the cliff, man-made, have carved niches around 100 – cemeteries. Most of the holes are located on the west side – 55 in number. On the south side are 35, from the northern – 5 and the east also 5-6, which were almost destroyed.

Way of installation has particular pattern. Their Creator\s has used any convenient place smoothly to a single or group of holes into the soft volcanic rock. The format is the same for all – trapezoidal, but the size of each niche is very different. Their depth is between 8 and 12 cm According to some authors, these carved niches are created in the first millennium BC and they had a religious function.

Nearby Eagle Rocks archeologists found clay pieces that are carved inside, which supports the thesis that religious place and demonstrates that these vessels made by Thracians wich poured liquid fuel, lit it, and placed them in niches carved into the rock. This ritual made for special occasions, such as before and after the end of war.

Alternatively, these rock holes represented tombs – urns in which the Thracians had placed the ashes of the dead. Similar ones are found near Bezvodno, three mounds, appetizers, Tatul, stone deaf. Sanctuary was declared a cultural monument and landmark. There is a road there, but the majority is available for off-car, and the rest travels to walk.