300 Million Year Old Machinery Found In Russia, Experts Say Aluminum Gear Not The Result Of Natural Forces – 51

The Voice of Russia and other Russian sources are reporting that a 300 million year old piece of aluminum machinery has been found in Vladivostok. Experts say a gear rail appears to be manufactured and not the result of natural forces.

According to Yulia Zamanskaya, when a resident of Vladivostok was lighting the fire during a cold winter evening, he found a rail-shaped metal detail which was pressed in one of the pieces of coal that the man used to heat his home. Mesmerized by his discovery, the responsible citizen decided to seek help from the scientists of Primorye region. After the metal object was studied by the leading experts the man was shocked to learn about the assumed age of his discovery. The metal detail was supposedly 300 million years old and yet the scientists suggest that it was not created by nature but was rather manufactured by someone. The question of who might have made an aluminum gear in the dawn of time remains unanswered.

The find was very much like a toothed metal rail, created artificially. It was like parts are often used in microscopes, various technical and electronic devices says writer Natalia Ostrowski at KP UA Daily.

Nowadays, finding a strange artifact in coal is a relatively frequent occurrence. The first discovery of this sort was made in 1851 when the workers in one of the Massachusetts mines extracted a zinc silver-incrusted vase from a block of unmined coal which dated all the way back to the Cambrian era which was approximately 500 million years ago. Sixty one years later, American scientists from Oklahoma discovered an iron pot which was pressed into a piece of coal aged 312 million years old. Then, in 1974, an aluminum assembly part of unknown origin was found in a sandstone quarry in Romania. Reminiscent of a hammer or a support leg of a spacecraft “Apollo”, the piece dated back to the Jurassic era and could not have been manufactured by a human. All of these discoveries not only puzzled the experts but also undermined the most fundamental doctrines of modern science.

The metal detail which was recently found by Vladivostok resident is yet another discovery which perplexed the scientists. The coal in which the metal object was pressed was delivered to Primorye from Chernogorodskiy mines of Khakasia region. Knowing that the coal deposits of this region date 300 million years back, Russian experts inferred that the metal detail found in these deposits must be an age-mate of the coal.

Another question that interests Russian scientists is whether the aluminum alloy is of Earthly origin. It is known from the study of meteorites that there exists extra-terrestrial aluminum-26 which subsequently breaks down to magnesium-26. The presence of 2 percent of magnesium in the alloy might well point to the alien origin of the aluminum detail. It could also be evidence of some past, unknown civilization on Earth. Nonetheless, further testing is needed to confirm this hypothesis.

It is the first such finding in coal made in Russia, according to anomaly researcher and biologist Valery Brier, who took microscopic samples of the aluminum for testing.  Valery Brier performed X-ray diffraction analysis of the metal. It showed very pure aluminum with microimpurities of magnesium of only 2 – 4 percent.  Analysis was also conducted by Senior Fellow of the St. Petersburg Institute of Nuclear Physics Igor Okunev who confirmed the age of the material according to Natalia Ostrovsky.

The find is very much like a toothed metal rail, created artificially. It was like parts that are often used in microscopes, as well as various technical and electronic devices.

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51 thoughts on “300 Million Year Old Machinery Found In Russia, Experts Say Aluminum Gear Not The Result Of Natural Forces –

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  • Michael Greco

    Would certainly be a great discovery, but it definitely smells like a hoax or at the very least imagination at work.

    Not sure how this would debunk evolution anyway if it were real. No where does evolution say that there couldn't have been an advanced civilization on Earth before ours.

    300 million years is a long time. Modern humans have only been around for ~160,000 years, and before that we were evolving into this form for "only" a couple million years. So, when you think about that, how can you say that there couldn't have been an intelligent civilization somewhere on this planet before us? Why not multiple times throughout our planets history? We may never know because fossilization and such is so rare and the Earth is so active. There may simply be very little to no evidence of their existence.

  • Lorraine Trombly Ochoa

    Russia, out of all of the continents, has the vast majority of landmass on the planet.

  • Richard Turner

    Radioactive Dating isn't accurate down to the year, but when measuring dates around 280-360 million years ago, even a (wildly inaccurate) +/-20% deviation means that the projected date will be between 224- 432M years ago – a date long, LONG before the evolution of modern humans (known to be around 150,000 years ago at most). There may well be other explanations for the existence of this machined aluminium in a 300M year old coal seam, but until they're established, this news poses some interesting questions.

  • James Fosu

    The reason is because carbon dating is not accurate at all, so these objects which appear to be so old are actually quite young. there is no mystery, this metal thingamabob was made by people.

  • Lawrence Mark

    "300 million years"…Pfff! Scientist really don't have a clue, do they? Yes, there is a LOT of evidence of advanced civilizations existing in the past, but millions of years? …pure unadulterated BS! They must really enjoy pulling these numbers out of their asses, because these numbers they put forth are nothing but baseless assumptions. It has been proven that it only takes the right conditions (easily found here on planet earth) to produce coal, like that found in these coal deposits, in a mater of weeks. Again, where do they get these numbers from? …Please, do tell! And don't say carbon-dating, because carbon-dating has been shown to be grossly inaccurate.
    Approximately 20 million years ago the surface of the sun would have been right here in our faces–if not, very close to it. Yeah, it’s shrinking (as in consuming its mater), and they have that rate pegged at about 5 feet per hour. And yes, that rate would be relatively constant…more mater the higher the rate of mater conversion, the less mater the less the rate of mater conversion (as in ~ linear).

  • Dan Ludvigsen

    Svetlana, remember that russia is the largest country in the world and covers alot of the planet!

  • Matt Davey

    So did you even read this article?
    ALWAYS Russia huh?
    This article stated clearly that this is the FIRST TIME this has happened is Russia, but that is has happened many times in the US, and also in Europe.
    Or did I read a different article?

  • Terry Allen

    The book I am reading at the moment written by Dr Mike Magee purports to have the answer:

    Dinosaurs could have developed intelligence 100 million years before humans did. They might have erected gigantic cities, waged wars, built spaceships and blasted off into space while we were still swinging from trees clueless. I wonder if the author has ever read Michael Cremo’s “Human Devolution” book. Their theories are sort of the same (Cremo presents evidence for tool-like artifacts found in African mine shafts that date back 200 million years!!!) only that Cremo believes those tools are evidence of ancient humans, whereas Magee would probably claim they were left behind by intelligent dinosaurs !!!!


    • Arthur Null

      NOPE dinosaurs WERE the aliens they were all “look at these pathetic mamals *eats a person* god these guys taste awful *all the dinosaurs leave* MAKES PERFECT SENSE

  • Analog Kid

    I want to believe there’s some kind of time travel or alien explanation here…but, it’s probably natural. Crystals and metals like pyrite, etc. can form very uniform and geometric shapes that appear manmade.

  • Svetlana Valerie Morozova

    I am scared to imagine what 'those Russians' will find next, Chrisrtine… first they found the Tunguska meteorite over 100 years ago, then this (-: and why is this ALWAYS Russia, who didn't those ancient 'aliens' just land somewhere… in the Bahamas, for instance?

  • ricpeters

    Has it occurred to any of the scientists studying these artifacts that perhaps their methods of dating the coal is flawed?

  • me d

    I’ll believe in aliens leaving artifacts when one of two things happens: some reputable scientist whose qualifications are verifiable shows how there can be no chance this is not a piece of broken coal-mining equipment that got jammed into the coal, or when someone finds a piece of plastic that can be proven to be 50,000 years old.

  • docscience

    Or it could be a nugget of metallic aluminum (incredibly rare) which was “machined” by the coal mining machinery that extracted it.

  • Kevin Hill

    If a man-made object falls into such a sediment-laden slurry (a common byproduct of coal mining), the sediment will often consolidate around it. Over a period of years this sediment can dry and harden considerably, forming a concretion like structure resembling a piece of the original formation.

  • AdamWes

    wait, whut.
    Is this partially a we dont trust Russian scientists thing? Or is this some freak occurrence of the coal fusing somehow to a more modern object? Otherwise isnt this insane? This is one of those everything changes after this discoveries. Seems like it would be huger news.

    Time travelers breaking tools fighting dinosaurs, most likely.

    Im writing the movie.

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