Interesting sites to visit in Sardinia

Monte Accoddi, is an important archaeological site attributed to culture-Abealzu Filigosa prenuragic Sardinia – the prehistoric period. For the concentration of different construction types, the memorial is still considered unique not only in Europe but throughout the Mediterranean, so singular as to be called a ziggurat.
as a runway for landing and departure .

Pintadera Sardinian nuragic wheel of time –

“Su Nuraxi “is a Nuragic settlement dating between the thirteenth and sixth centuries BC, The complex is centred around a three-storey tower built around the 16th century BC. At this site Italian archaeologist Giovanni Lilliu discovered a fortified village that at times had been covered by ground and had become a hill. He did the first excavations here in the 1950s.

This site would become important to the timeline of Sardinian civilization: “The relative chronology of Sardinian prehistory is largely based on the first modern excavation of a nuraghe at Su Nuraxi, Barumini. Giovanni Lilliu . . . used a combination of structural phases and pottery typology to construct a general Nuragic sequence.

This is Sardinian bronze  sculpture typical of ancient Sardinia during the final phase of the Bronze Age and Iron Age. Archaeologists have not yet been able to accurately date the figures: they were allegedly made during the period – after Nuragico – from the ninth century BC the sixth century come to measure up to 39 cm.

The statues of Sardinia. statues are carved from local sandstone and their height varies from 2 to 2.5 meters.
dated in the eighth century BC the ninth or even the tenth century BC, a hypothesis that could make one of the oldest statues in the round of the Mediterranean basin.