Sacred geometry symbols in Armenian legacy –

Symbols of the House of Hasan-Jalalyan, an Armenian dynasty that ruled the region of Khachen from 1214 onwards, are very interesting.

There are a cross, a David star, and a spiral on the house symbol –

Since Armenia located near the Asia Europe border you can see influences of both continents, for example take a look in the wings the design is persian, there is also the sun (a clue to sun worship ?) a star of David like fractal with a spiral inside. We can learn a lot about the way that the house fused different kinds of knowledge and respect into their symbol.

Marble tombstone of the Armenian Grand Prince Hasan Jalal Vahtangian (1214-1261).

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  • Avram Cohen

    These people are no doubt the brothers of the Jews! What’s sad is most of their ancient history has been wiped out.. I watched a video the other day showing the Turks back in the early 19 century totally destroying sacred Armenian buildings to rubble! Sad..

    • JP

      I wouldn’t jump to that conclusion. The only history the Turks were able to destroy was that on the surface. Thousands of excavation sites are being discovered ion Armenian land. And the six-pointed star was a sacred geometric symbol that was used over a thousand years before King David’s birth as a religious shape.

      • Hasmik Gevorgyan

        Armenia has more than 100 years of history you know :)

    • david

      Not my ‘ brothers ‘ , Murdering Nazis