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The Green Children Mystery

In the 12th century near Suffolk, England local farmers made a remarkable discovery: a boy and a girl weeping in a field… both with green skin. The children spoke no English and refused to eat food. They both wore oddly-colored … Continue reading

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The haunted island -

Poveglia Island is one of many island in the lagoons of Venice, Italy but instead of being a place of beauty, the island is a festering blemish in the shimmering sea and is not only regarded as one of the … Continue reading

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How can parts of Canada be ‘missing’ gravity?

For more than 40 years, scientists have tried to figure out what’s causing large parts of Canada, particularly the Hudson Bay region, to be “missing” gravity. In other words, gravity in the Hudson Bay area and surrounding regions is lower … Continue reading

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Maths Moves in Mysterious Ways

More than 1,000 years ago — in the ninth century to be precise — Baghdad had the greatest scientific academy in the world. The Abbasid Caliphs founded a “House of Wisdom” that attracted great minds from far and wide, and … Continue reading

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Son’s DNA found inside mother’s brain

Mothers always have their children in the back of their minds – now it seems that this is quite literally true. Fetal DNA can enter a mother’s brain and remain there for decades, according to autopsies of female brains. During … Continue reading

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Devil’s Den, Gettysburg National Battlefield

With 51,000 casualties, Gettysburg was the site of the Civil War’s bloodiest battle. Reports of ghostly soldiers are common here, especially at Devil’s Den, a boulder-strewn hill that was used by artillery and infantry. The most common sighting is that of a … Continue reading

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Alberobello, Italy

Alberobello, whose population is about 11,000, dates to at least the mid-14th century when it was colonized by the Count of Conversano. The town’s distinguishing feature is its trulli, cone-shaped dwellings made from limestone. In this prehistoric construction technique, structures … Continue reading

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Miniature Star Trek-Style ‘Tractor Beam’ Created in Lab

By Matt Peckham We are so living in the future. A group of scientists from Scotland and the Czech Republic says it’s managed to drag around teeny-tiny objects using nothing more than a beam of light. That’s essentially how it … Continue reading

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Thriving since 1960, my garden in a bottle: Seedling sealed in its own ecosystem and watered just once in 53 years

David Latimer first planted his bottle garden in 1960 and last watered it in 1972 before tightly sealing it shut ‘as an experiment’ The hardy spiderworts plant inside has grown to fill the 10-gallon container by surviving entirely on recycled … Continue reading

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If you’re one of those people who likes to ponder things while looking out a frosty window on a cold winter day, these pictures will clear up one of those long standing wonders: each snowflake really IS unique. Some look like roman … Continue reading

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