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Preparing to celebrate the New Year ? Scientists predict that some day time will stop completely -

Time might feel like it is running away from us as the pace of life increases but according to scientists, the future will stop completely.   The theory of time running out was devised by researchers from two Spanish universities … Continue reading

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The Piasa Bird and Mishipizhiws -

This is one case where MOST of the books have got the thing WRONG. To Quote the usual Internet version of the information : “The Piasa Bird is a Native American Cryptid depicted in one or two murals painted by … Continue reading

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A Cube Kite –

THE SKY-SKIMMING ARCHITECTURAL MARVEL TOOK NINE MONTHS TO BUILD : No matter your age, there’s something wondrous in getting a kite to take flight. So imagine the buoyant delight of getting a seven-foot cubic kite off the ground (or, in this … Continue reading

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Mysterious Treasure on Oak Island -

In 1795, on Oak Island in Nova Scotia, three young men stumbled upon a round depression in the ground. They dug down 30 feet before stopping. Every 10 feet they found a wood slat platform. As men, they continued the … Continue reading

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Spider That Builds Its Own Spider Decoys Discovered

By Nadia Drake A spider that builds elaborate, fake spiders and hangs them in its web has been discovered in the Peruvian Amazon. Believed to be a new species in the genus Cyclosa, the arachnid crafts the larger spider from leaves, … Continue reading

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A walk in the old city of Jaffa

By Liron Raviv I took a walk noon time in the old city of Jaffa, dedicated it to the stones shape, sacred geometry, and enjoyed the sounds smells and a sea breeze. My eyes rest on a sign indicate that … Continue reading

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Pottery 20,000 years old found in a Chinese cave –

BEIJING (AP) – Pottery fragments found in a south China cave have been confirmed to be 20,000 years old, making them the oldest known pottery in the world, archaeologists say. The findings, which will appear in the journal Science on … Continue reading

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The Williams Enigmalith

An Oopart (Out Of Place ARTifact) is a term applied to dozens of prehistoric objects found in various places around the world that, given their level of technology, are completely at odds with their determined age based on physical, chemical, … Continue reading

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Northern Lights in Saltfjellet, Norway

Photographer Tommy Eliassen photographs himself in silhouette in front of a beautiful and dramatic display of Northern Lights in Saltfjellet, Norway. Tommy always goes out alone to take his photographs. “There is a bit of planning involved. I always keep … Continue reading

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Volcanic Lightning

By Nicole Van Vleck Volcanic lightning, also known as dirty thunderstorms, is capable of producing some of the most powerful and visually striking lightning storms on Earth.  Not all volcanic eruptions produce lightning.  When it does occur, a single eruption … Continue reading

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