Bardo Thodol – Book of the Dead

Tibetan Book of the Dead, a work depicting the soul’s journey across the world in 

which we live. To take this journey, described in extremely accurately, we must 

first understand what is the reason for this journey and reincarnation in general.

According to Tibetan tradition, the soul rolls back and forth between life and 

death. When the soul appears on the side of life, is reflected in a new body and 

when it appears in a state of death is losing the physical body and returns to the 

ocean of eternal life to gather new strength for the next reincarnation. Circle of 

Life and Death is called “Samsara” – the tradition of Tibetan Man’s goal is to break 

free from the change of life and death and in fact released from samsara. That 

connects the person to the eternal and the temporal abandon the body affected by