Tesla – The Wizard of the West


Tesla was one of the great pioneers of the AC, which is used to supply electricity

to homes by private electric companies. The great advantage of AC over DC is that 

it can be used to move the current over long distances, thus concentrating the 

production of electricity at power plants key.

Tesla invented the alternating current generator that creating an electric current

or magnetic without direct contact.



* Multiple exposure publicity picture of Tesla sitting in his Colorado Springs

laboratory with his “Magnifying transmitter” generating millions of volts and

producing 7 meter (23 ft) long arcs.

Tesla asked vision wirelessly transmit power from one central power to provide

electricity to the entire world. For that he invented the “Tesla coil”, which is a

transformer that allows to change the stretch and frequency of electricity. Helix

enabled in theoretical and practical power transmission over long distances

through the air. In 1899 he demonstrated electrical transmission to a distance of

28 miles and raised funds to continue the project. Tesla began building huge

Tesla coil but stopshis funding as stoped and his research on wireless power 

transmission ended .


Among other inventions include the electric motor driven alternating current, a

boat is controlled by radio waves, a machine that produces artificially

earthquakes, electric car, electric lights without filament and innovations in radar

and X-rays.

In his later years trying to develop a “death ray” that will be able to blow up a 

plane in the air,but this invention was never realized.

his specialization in science that is not routine, such as lightning production,

electricity transmission and production wirelessly earthquakes gave him various

urban legends, like the invention of a time machine. After his death, usa federal

agents raided his home and confiscated documents and equipment, resulting in

increasing rumors about various inventions Tesla worked on.



Newspaper representation of Tesla’s theoretical invention, the thought camera,

which would photograph thoughts. Circa 1933.