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A 12 thousand years old Witch skeleton was discovered during excavations of archaeologists from the Hebrew University in Hilazon Cave. With her skeleton another skeletal remains were discovered – 50 turtles, leopard and a human foot. Hebrew University archaeologists found in Hilazon cave, which is the northern slopes of the Hilazon River […]

Ancient skeleton of a witch/shaman discovered in Galilee Israel

Dragon sculpture in the cloister of Mosteiro dos Jerónimos (Hieronymites Monastery), Belém, Lisboa (Lisbon), Portugal. The Hieronymites Monastery (official name: Mosteiro da Santa Maria de Belém), located near the shore of Rio Tejo (Tagus river), is one of the most prominent monuments of the Manueline style architecture. Along with […]

Dragon spiral sculpture Lisbon, Portugal

Standing in the reign of Majapahit Indonesia , located on the west slope of Mount Lawu, about 910 m above sea level, a mysterious temple looks different styles and architecture of most temples in Java. The main building reminiscent of a Mayan pyramid in Mexico. Its pages are filled with […]

Candi Sukuh – Mysterious step pyramid temple in Indonesia

By – DR. EOWYN Since God created the world, and since science is all about studying the natural world, there is no intrinsic reason why science and religion, specifically Christianity, should be at loggerheads. Indeed, as science becomes more advanced, more and more it is confirming biblical accounts. Several months ago, geologists […]

Archeologists find evidence of the obliteration of Sodom-Gomorrah

Devils Tower has become a popular landmark for UFO sightings ever since Steven Spielberg used the location in his 1977 film “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.” However, it’s been a “mystery” sort of place, say locals in Sundance, Wyoming, who “market” this monolith that rises nearly 900 feet above […]

Devils Tower calling UFO seekers, as mystery surrounds first national ...

  The Garden of Cosmic Speculation is a 30 acre (12 hectare) sculpture garden created by landscape architect and theorist Charles Jencks at his home, Portrack House, near Dumfries in South West Scotland.   The garden is inspired by science and mathematics, with sculptures and landscaping on these […]

Garden of Cosmic Speculation, Scotland

A master of color and geometric composition, Andy Gilmore’s work is often  characterized as kaleidoscopic and hypnotic, though it could just as well be  described as visually acoustic, his often complex arrangements referencing the  scales and melodies in music. Gilmore’s journey toward this masterful style  followed a long and winding road. […]

Andy Gilmore’s Geometric Compositions

The House of the Temple is a Masonic temple in Washington, D.C., serves as  the headquarters of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Southern Jurisdiction,  U.S.A. (officially, “Home of The Supreme Council, 33°, Ancient & Accepted  Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Southern Jurisdiction, Washington D.C., U.S.A.”). The step pyramid temple was designed by noted architect John Russell Pope, who  modeled it after the tomb of Mausolus at Halicarnassus, […]

Washington, DC : Masonic Temple on 16St. NW

Scattered throughout the landscape of Laos lies an archaeological anomaly called  the Plain Of Jars. More than 90 sites are known within the province of Xieng  Khouang, each site containing anywhere from 1 to 400 stone jars. These enormous ancient vessels weigh anywhere from hundreds of kilograms to  […]

Plain Of Giant Jars

Post by Debra In 1804, a French General named Auguste de Marmont, a former aide-de-camp of the Emperor Napoleon, was stationed in Holland with an army of 18K men. Guarding the coast against expected British invasion… which never came… so he kept his men busy by building .. ‘An everlasting […]

Austerlitz Pyramid – HOLLAND

Post by Nicole The Eisriesenwelt, German for “World of the Ice Giants”, is a limestone cave in Werfen, Austria, that holds the distinction of being the largest ice cave in the world.  The cave was formed by the Salzach river as it flowed through Hochkogel mountain, and runs for 42 kilometers […]

Eisriesenwelt ice cave located in Werfen, Austria.

In a beautiful region called Lago di Piediluco, home to many vacationing Umbrians and the national Italian rowing team, this area is almost tourist-free, There are wonderful terraced restaurants and lookouts all along this lake to pass a few relaxing hours. At the town of Piediluco, the lakeview is dominated by […]

Echo Mountain – Lago di Piediluco