Two giant underwater pyramids, made of thick glass, found in the center of the Bermuda Triangle ? 432


Strange structures at a depth of two thousand meters were claimed that identified with the help of a sonar. Studies of other devices have allowed scientists to claim that the two giant pyramids,made of something like a thick glass, are really impressive structures, as each of them is larger than the pyramid of Cheops in Egypt.


 Computer simulation


Disclosure of the secrets of the strange pyramids that are at the center of the triangle, could shed light on the cases related to the terrible and mysterious disappearances that are associated with the Bermuda Triangle. It’s claimed that during a press conference in the Bahamas. In particular, the oceanographer said that the technology is unknown to modern science, and is designed in such a way that the pyramid is under water. Perhaps a more detailed study over time will give results that are difficult to imagine. There are often reports on the pyramids. American oceanographers in 1990, discovered the underwater pyramids, which are located exactly at the center of the Bermuda Triangle. Scientists have processed all of the data and concluded that the surface is perfectly smooth, to look like glass or ice. The size of the pyramids are nearly three times the pyramid of Cheops. This news was sensational, and was discussed at a conference in Florida. The journalists present in it, have a lot of pictures and high resolution computerized data, which show three-dimensional pyramids perfectly smooth, without being covered with a surface free of debris or algae or cracks.


Computer simulation


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  • Bruce Brown

    They are most likely pieces of an artificial Merkaba created by the Atlanteans. The rest of it is buried. Their spinning out of control created a portal to another dimension that opens occasionally. Hence the disappearance of thing going through the Bermuda Triangle.

  • Jeff

    I heard from a guy that sells bobble heads out of his garage that these are the underwater landing sites for Goa’uld mother ships. SG1 IS REAL!!!

  • Mark Michalica

    If these do exist, and I wish they do, then why can’t we go down there to see? Is it too deep. Seems like something worth investigating and spending money on…certainly more useful then advertising on the elections!

  • Jhollman

    Huge pyramid at the center of Bermuda’s Triangle can be seen in Google Maps: Check it out by yourself:,-69.0744039,27312m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en

  • Cyberdexter

    Atlantis! :)

  • Carlos Spartacus

    Yeah, if is impossible to verify the history is useless. No credible sources, and no coordinates to check. FAKE.

  • dean kennedy
  • Nomad

    Only way to know is to go yourself.

  • Kathy

    and they found this NOW? after all these decades? I don’t know about this. and If true, where are the “actual pictures” instead a simulation, yea?

  • Buddy Rooks

    It may be fake , but only idiots still use snopes funded by George soros

  • Jahi Shango

    My curiosity is what would our modern governments do if we truly found. Out the true technologies of the pyramids , would it be used as. A benefit too humanity or something else , imagine ancient human technology in which modern technology can’t touch have we really advanced as humanity , or trying too catch up too more ancient cultures

  • Tony Vaccaro

    This Article Says Squat …. WHY??????

  • nubwaxer

    baloney. another zombie hoax.

  • TheTruthNow

    That would be cool…but wait…is that a unicorn flying out of your ass? Whoa!

  • patrickkrebs

    If there is a giant crystal pyramid in the Bermuda triangle, why aren’t there any fucking pictures of it?

  • cypicturelady

    Edgar Cayce said that Atlanteans used giant crystals to create energy–this could be part of that system.

  • Julie Biondo-Hopper

    The writing is HORRID on this article. That alone makes it dubious!

  • kevin

    The article isn’t even written properly how could any of it be true.

  • brooke


  • David

    Not hard to work out Biblically.
    Built pre-flood on land. This is technology from Nephilim. The fallen angels described partially in the book of Genesis but more detailed in the book of Enoch.
    Survived the flood of Noah but got submerged when YHVH seperated the land into seperate masses. During the time of Pelag.

  • Rick45

    What’s “strange” about them? They are no different than those of stone, glass or metallic built by our black Nubian ancestors thousands of years ago as energy generators, among other purposes. Some of these were sunk by catastrophes. It is truly sad that racism is so pervasive in the mind, hearts and genetics of white people who have changed history to reflect that racism, that they would rather believe little green embryos from Mars or some other planet built these structures than the Africans who have occupied and populated the planet since its beginnings. Africans whose genes are in the gene pool of every human being on the planet. And still , these people are in denial due to their hate. But the truth will rise again as it is predicted in the stars. Akelah!

  • Rob Gale

    Well, letts all have the coordiates please !!…. Many Marine Universities have equipment which can get to that depth. So letts all go and see this marvel…. IF its real ?.

  • Janine Bass

    yeah righto, and between the two of these pyramids is MegaTron, Elvis Presley, Big Foot, Santa, Tinkerbell and the Easter Bunny, all sitting on deck chairs sipping Pina Coladas waiting for the Borg to come and beam them up…

  • mulonru

    GOD destroyed the race of people that built high tech things in the flood for they had become evil just like the world is headed for today.

    Men born of angel decent had a knowledge greater than most.
    Does anyone ever wonder why people didn’t hardly learn knowledge until the times we live in?
    If one can not see the power of GOD with this simple knowledge then one is but blind to truth.

    When wars are won with unexplainable happenings then we have evidence of GOD being a part of our every day lives.

    The Holy Spirit speaks to us and those who know Jesus know what I am talking about. When one seeks with all their heart mind and soul they will find Jesus.

    We are here to learn to love and be righteous and to do good to every one even our enemies, so if you are involved in a belief system where your commanded to kill the infidels flee from it because it is from the evil one.
    The evil one wants to deceive all he possibly can.

    I pray you will come to know Jesus and learn the truth about the life to come.

    • Darien Rachelle

      and all the starving villages that barely have a language, let alone religion– where will they end up, since they haven’t praised God?
      It’s perfectly fine to have your religion, and believe how you want, but please don’t try to press it onto others.

      • mulonru

        Darien I have seen the next life and it does exist, I am not trying to press it on others after you have a choice. I am only trying to save the few who will listen to the truth that don’t desire to be in torment for all of time to come.
        Some will actually choose this dreaded place for their future home because they can’t seem to see truth.
        GOD is a loving GOD, those having not heard about Jesus will enter but it will be because they have chose to be good to all and have a loving spirit and realizing that their had to be a GOD who created this world.
        We are spirit beings who never die. You chose the body you have from heaven. Those that chose to be poor I know not why but those who hear about Jesus in poor countries believe much quicker than those who have wealth.

        Those who work for the kingdom of GOD are rewarded and these rewards last for ever.

        We are hear to learn to love every one even our enemies and forgiving all holding no anger toward others.
        GOD has sent me this day to tell you these things, I pray you are able to hear.

        • Darien Rachelle

          I hold myself to very high moral standards. I treat others very well (I treat others better than I expect anyone to treat me), I put everyone before myself, I try my hardest to not hold grudges, and I lead a very peaceful life.. Yet, I don’t necessarily believe in God. I help nature. Nature is my religion, and I choose to spend my life helping the earth for future generations to come. You’re telling me that because I don’t worship God, specifically, I’ll go to eternal damnation, or be forced to roam this earth after death. I’m sorry sir/ ma’m (I can’t tell from your username), but unless you’re saying that “finding God” is a metaphor for leading this good life, that IS pressing your religion on me. There are many great, wonderful, amazing, giving, generous people that have religions of their own, outside of Christianity, and I just hope you realize that.

          • mulonru

            It is impossible for Christians to push the next life upon others
            because it is a choice. The only religion where you are forced to believe is in the Koran and at that point you would truly learn the meaning of what being forced upon means. The english language is amazing once understood!

          • Darien Rachelle

            Exactly! Sheeeiit, see, now I’m done being nice. Get back to me when you understand the difference between pushing religion, and forcing religion; because I didn’t say you were forcing your religion, I said you were pushing it. Here, I’ll help! Pushing religion means to try to convince others into your beliefs through a pessimistic outlook on any other belief, or convincing them something bad will happen if they don’t take up your beliefs. Does this remind you of something? Oh yeah, how about “GOD destroyed the race of people that built high tech things in the flood for they had become evil just like the world is headed for today.” & “I am only trying to save the few who will listen to the truth that don’t desire to be in torment for all of time to come”.
            Forcing religion means that through no matter do they try to convince, but force others take their beliefs through brute physical force, and mental manipulation.
            Also, it’s funny that you accuse me of not understanding the English language. Considering that you don’t seem to know that English is a proper noun, therefore needs to be capitalized; that commas come before the “and” in compound sentences (I had to re-read quite a few of your run on sentences, due to lack of punctuation); and there’s a comma after a name if it’s in the beginning of a sentence, addressing a specific individual.

            I’d advise you check yourself, before you wreck yourself.
            Again, I respect that you have your own beliefs, and it’s great you’re so dedicated to them. Why can’t you accept the same for me? Why can’t you return the courtesy of tolerance toward others? I’m not pushing my religion of nature on you, am I?
            I’ve read the bible. I researched as many religions as I possibly could before reaching the conclusion of my own.
            Here, I’ll try to get my point across using a phrase from your favorite book. From Luke 6:13: “Treat others the same way you want them to treat you.”. In other words, no one here is pushing their religion on you, why are you doing it to them?

          • Darien Rachelle

            To add to that, the poor countries that you say are quicker to believe in God, do you know why? It’s because those people are in peril. When the kind, generous people who travel to spread the word of God get to those countries they offer food, shelter and clothing to those who take up the belief. They take up the belief not just because of the material things offered, but because the belief in God helped them. That’s how a lot of people pick their religion, because it helped them through their tough times. If it were Buddhists, Rastafarians, Wiccans, etc., that traveled as much as Christians did, and did the same thing Christians do, then those poor people would take up those religions just as easily. It’s all because that particular religion would’ve helped them.

          • mulonru

            I am sorry I have upset you.
            I just know there is an afterlife waiting for you. And yes after the heart attack I have trouble trying to say and understand everything. But I do know what I seen and I know when we are dead you are not dead at all. I know that Jesus controls weather one enters heaven or not. If you are not willing to takes these things to heart then there is nothing I could possibly tell you that you would perceive as truth.

          • Darien Rachelle

            You purposely upset me, by insulting my intelligence with that “The english language is amazing once understood!” (implying that I didn’t understand the definition of simple words) So, why defend it, now with the heart attack line? (terribly sorry that happened to you, though.) That’s what upset me the most, is you wanted to insult me, even though I was trying my hardest to be as polite as possible to you, while still trying to get my point across… That’s why I countered back with the grammar check.

            The things I take to heart are my morals: treating everyone the way I want to be treated; being kind to everyone, even if they can do nothing for me; helping those in need; doing what I can to help make the earth a better place for future generations.
            If there happens to be a Heaven, and I don’t get in only because of the fact that I don’t believe in a God that would allow millions of innocents to die to “prove a point”, and a God that, in the bible, killed 2,821,364 people himself; compared to his counterpart whom, in the bible, killed 133 people.. Well, then, at least I did the best I could to improve life for the generations after me.
            I’m not in any way, trying to make you feel insignificant, or tell you you’re wrong. Sorry if you took it that way. You could be right; any religion could be right. I just hate it when people are so upset that others don’t follow their same path that they keep trying to push everyone they can into their own beliefs.

  • disqus_Xx0Y3HsNsJ

    the article says there are pictures but the only pictures shown are computer simulations. why? and why no names, references, evidence, proof, etc??

  • daedsidog

    just read a ton of comments and cant figure out for the life of me why they are all god related when this article is about giant pyramids that are underwater…..

    you guys need to go to church if you want to talk about jesus… not on a post that is trying to sound scientific with subpar evidence…..

  • Ami Colon-Treyger

    If it ain’t peer reviewed and in a scientific journal article (that MUST BE PEER REVIEWED) then I don’t believe it.

  • michelle

    Nothing in this article made any sense at all. Who wrote this?!?!

  • jocob

    references or it didn’t happen!

  • john
  • Christopher Grout

    This discovery is huge! Call Zecharia Sitchen’s team

  • Muun Macdonald

    ahem!….my cats breath smells like cat food…
    thanks thats all..

  • Larry Berry

    Do the people who think this is real not notice that the video is from Weekly World News??? The paper, 1000 degrees below the National Enquirer, which brought us such things as Bat Boy, “Dick Cheney is a robot” and “Hillary Clinton adopts alien baby”.

  • Larry Berry

    I am very bothered lately at the SEVERE dumbing down of this country.

  • Mike215

    Of course the academic establishment will never admit that civilization goes backs tens of thousands, if not millions, of years. So any evidence of ancient civilizations existed such as these underwater pyramids have to be denied or attack as fraud.The same is true for ET or any evidence that there is life outside the earth. The main rule of evolutionary theory is that if started here on earth by accident and nowhere else. Of course the lying scientists always state they believe that ET is possible, but there is no evidence to prove them. That is why they always attack the reports, videos and photos of UFOs. Aliens do not exist.

  • bublick

    Good post. I like it, and I also ;like the comments that come afterwards. Why are so many responses from upset Christians. I hope they are happy in their faith, and receive comfort, solace, and strength through their belief, but here is a faith based on a rather peculiar mode of conception, and a whole raft of other curious of creeds and practices. Ever heard of the maxim of-methinks he does protest to much?, it seems to fit in rather two well with such a cause

  • sunda colugo

    It’s obviously Nazi mermaids. Duh!

  • teamojeg

    0.0….the gates to atlantis lol

  • Sir Charles Willard Horsedick

    I dropped a glass pyramid into the Atlantic while on a cruise holiday to the island of Bermuda back in 98′, so yeah, those are most likely mine. Thank’s for finding them. I’m guessing Mrs. Horsedick was not found tied to the pyramid?

  • Patty

    people are idiots. these things are supported by facts. but yet you people believe a book that’s been edited over time by many people throughout history. people don’t understand that the government isn’t straight forward and open with us. its for a reason, because there is a lot to hide. And the facts are scary and un heard of. I don’t know how people can convince themselves that this is not possible and true. stop being so naïve. However, the government is trained to make you unaware. distracting you with T.V, social media, religion, war; its really a shame. some people should further their education and face the facts. this world isn’t pretty they should look at the big picture.

    • Larry Berry

      I think you may be confused at the meaning of that word.

  • Samael_Wolf

    Who wrote this barely intelligible story ? Does anyone proofread before posting ? What does ” poneora ” and ” aparentemente ” mean ?

  • T Stas

    Why are people blindly believing this stuff??

  • Amelia Ho

    i know how theres building underwater, believe or not, cause by world greatest flood (which will never happen again) where only Noah’s family survive that flood

  • Joe

    I wonder if Elvis, 2Pac and Jimmy Hoffa live in them……lol

  • powhatan1

    nah..this would be huge if true…

  • Steve

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t they now have deep sea submersibles that can go down a lot deeper than 2000 ft? If this is true, where are those pics? Just askin.

  • Jev_LFC

    I find it amazing that people who say its photoshopped have never even opened the program in their lives!!! The word is retouched you idiots. Also they are clearly 3d imaged using the latest tech so the assertion that they have been retouched is retarded.

    • Larry Berry

      Says the person who doesn’t understand what 3d imaging is.

      • Jev_LFC

        It’s clearly stupid arguing with idiots.

  • zet


  • Cowpunk

    Too much weed can make people be very creative