Mysterious Sightings Over Jerusalem: UFO Over The Western Wall

Two cases of an appearance of UFOs over Jerusalem’s Old City, caused a storm 

among scientists around the world. While there are those who dismiss with 

contempt the possibility that aliens flying over the wall, other scientists argue: It 

is very possible that the Wall is an attraction to creatures from outer space.

To the first case in which involve  UFO sighting over the western Wall, Residents 

of Government House neighborhood in Jerusalem could not remain indifferent 

when they saw an unidentified object circling above the Old City and the Western 

Wall in the wee hours of the night. YouTube video made by residents are 

documented glowing ball over the wall.

At first, residents did not seem to recognize the unusual phenomenon, but soon 

the glowing ball began to move over the Old City, especially over the Temple 

Mount. Suddenly it plunged down and stopped right near the Western Wall and 

the Temple Mount. When the ball jumped up, startled residents noticed a long 

line of other glowing balls in the sky, circling over Jerusalem.



And that’s not all: a video made by American tourists visiting a few weeks ago at 

the Western Wall in daylight,and uploaded to youtube, suddenly got on their lens 

and absorbed odd ball circling just above the wall.

Following the publication of online videos began a series of investigations of 

scientists interested in the strange phenomenon. Since this two cases, the 

scientists say,it may indeed can be forces from outside this world.



Other scientists believe that these two phenomena are not surprising, because 

the Wall along with the Temple Mount can definitely be a meeting place between 

humans and aliens. “Could well be that the theory of UFO affairs by 

Canadian expert Stanley Fulham materialize and the Temple Mount will become 

meeting place for aliens,” wrote Alfred Weber, an expert on the United States