The Pyramids In Faroe Islands 19


The pyramid shaped mountain is called Kirvi and the top of it is called

Kirviskollur. You can also see the to top of Beinisvørð to the left in the photo.

Beinisvørð is a 469 m high birdcliff. It is absolutely worth a visit.


Kirvi is a mountain in Suðuroy, near the village Lopra. Kirvi is 236 meter high.

The mountain is visible from the villages Lopra and from Nes, which is between

Vágur and Porkeri. The mountain is located in the municipality of Sumba.



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  • David Ritchie

    The mountain in the 2nd photo is Mt Malinsfjall and features prominently the conclusion of my history book, We – The Skythians. If I told you it’s where the pyramid builders came from you may understand why it’s called the FAROE Isles.

  • craigie

    Great, Now if they could JUST stop murdering dolphins, they’ll do.

  • U.N. Soldier

    Or just do a ground penetrating radar study of the area.

  • Seth Janisse

    Have there ever been excavation of these mountains?