Are Bigfoots Travels Out There ?

Bigfoot is described as being a big,  ape-like creature that leave a huge footprints. they are living in abandoned spaces in western United States (Pierre Forest, Nevada, San Francisco, CA) and South – Eastern Canada. Scientists refer to stories about Bigfoot as a combination of folklore, misidentification of animals (such as bears). There is no evidence to suggest that they are really exists.

The height of a Bigfoot is usually described as between 2.1 to 2.7 meters. they has large shoulders and strong physique, with large eyes and a pair of thick eyebrows, and a large head. Bigfoot’s body covered with wild short hair like that of a monkey, and the color is usually black or dark brown.

The first time a white man claimed he met a Bigfot was in 1811, near where it is now   Alberta Canada. It was a trader named David Thompson, he found strange footprints in the snow feet. Length was thirty-five feet, eight inches width and it had  four fingers only.

In 1884 it appeared and reported in “The Daily colonist will” in Victoria, British Columbia District,it wrote telling of the capture of a saskoatch. Newspaper alleged that staff of the train along the Fraser River saw the creature .the crew stopped the train chase, and finally caught him along the Rocky Mountains. the creature given the name “Jack” and had a similar appearance gorilla. Height was 1.40 m and weighs only fifty-seven pounds. He had a black back and looked like a man except one detail, his whole body, except his hands and feet were covered with hair length of two inches. He had tremendous physical strength. He took a branch and broke it by bending without difficulty. Jack’s description looked very much like a chimpanzee, unlike other Bigfoot descriptions, some claimed Jack is no more chimpanzee who was taken to America by Africans and escaped. Of course, there is the possibility that the whole story was nothing more than a hoax.  Newspapers used to print many hoax stories to entertain their readers.

Rumors about the Sasquatch continued late nineteenth – century. In 1910,when two miners were killed, and their heads were severed. Some said Bigfoot was responsible for this, although there was no evidence that the killer was not human. The name of the murder location, Nahanni Valley in Canada, changed to “Dulles Valley” (meaning “headless”), because of the incident.
In 1924 there were a number of developments in the case of Bigfoot. Canadian lumberjack named Albert Ostman was looking for gold during, he was taken by a family of foot sizes. According to him, the father and daughter guarded him while the mother and son prepared meal. The family was vegetarian and ate roots, grass and bark. After a week Ostman run. He never told anyone this story until 1957, fearing that people would think he was crazy.
The second incident in 1924, involved a group of miners near Mount St. Helens in Washington State in the United States. The miners claimed they saw Bigfot, shot and possibly killed him. That night it was claimed that their cabin was attacked by the creature’s friends,that proceeded to throw stones at the building and climbed on the roof. The attack lasted until dawn. The next day the miners left the mine. Today this place is called Ape Canyon. Years later another miner said he was the one throwing rocks at the cabin as a joke.
The third incident also occurred at Mount St. Helens, while a local was looking for gold near the forest he woke up in the night when stones were thrown at his cabin. When looked outside, he saw a foot sizes screaming like a bunch of monkeys. The man hid under his bed until morning. When he went outside he saw large footprints surrounding the house.

In 1967 Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin claimed they shot the Bigfoot on video camera. They filmed, a few seconds of an ape-like creature huge, probably female, moving across a clearing near Bluff Creek in Northern California. Although the film is not entirely clear, there was no doubt that the creature in the film is not a common animal. The film may be showed Bigfoot real or a clever costume. It has never been proven as a fake film, even though viewers who suspected about the unnatural stride of the creature. Certain researchers studied the original version of the film, and concluded that they may not be a fake movie, because there was no good costumes that existed in Hollywood in those days,wich allows a fake so convincing. however, scientists had reason to be skeptical because they were in the past two known scams of films featuring the Bigfoot, and created many fake footprints wooden legs and boots. One company even produced a set of large plastic strips that can be put on the legs and fool friends and family.

The most reliable evidence for the existence of Bigfoot is many huge footprints that left and found. The average size ranges from forty to forty-five inches in length and about seven – six inches in width.

Another question is what is the tested proceeded to eat, if they do exist. By Ostman’s story they eat vegetables, but the diet is described seems inadequate in size creatures. Another said he saw a family of foot sizes digging around a pile of stones and eat small animals found beneath. Researchers have now returned later and found thirty holes dug. The weight of some of the stones being swung reached a hundred and three – ten pounds.
It is still not known whether Bigfoot exists. Although many tracks and the number of observations made, no one ever found a body of a Bigfoot. Existence continues to be an enigma for people.

The man who initiated the successful stretch of the existence of “Bigfoot” died last month at 0.84 only with his family found Ray Wallace mysterious creature was an invention. “The truth is Bigfoot just died,” said his son Michael.
A rumors about the existence of Bigfoot appeared in August, 1958 when a bulldozer operator who worked in the construction of the Wallace Cal huge footprints discovered near his equipment. Local newspaper coined the name “Bigfoot” cover story published on the intriguing phenomenon.