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Ancient Statue Discovered By Nazis Is Made From Meteorite

  An ancient Buddhist statue that was recovered by a Nazi expedition in the 1930s  was originally carved from a highly valuable meteorite. Researchers say the 1,000-year-old object with a swastika on its stomach is made  from a rare form of iron … Continue reading

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Cape Canaveral’s haunted Launch Pad

  Cape Canaveral’s Launch Pad 34 is said to be haunted by the ghosts of three astronauts who died there after a tragic accident. Spacemen Gus Grissom, Ed White, and Roger Chaffee were killed almost instantly on January 27, 1967, when … Continue reading

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Anunnaki holding a conifer cone

  According to ancient aliens theory Aliens culture called “Nibiro” affected the development of the Sumerian civilization, through their gods, called “Anonki,”.  This aliens came from a planet called “Nibiro”, landed on Earth before about 450  thousand years, and established a center in what … Continue reading

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Two giant underwater pyramids, made of thick glass, found in the center of the Bermuda Triangle ?

  Strange structures at a depth of two thousand meters were claimed that identified with the help of a sonar. Studies of other devices have allowed scientists to claim that the two giant pyramids,made of something like a thick glass, are really impressive structures, as each of them is larger … Continue reading

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Faravahar, Zoroastrianism and the winged disk

  Faravahar is one of the best-known symbols of Zoroastrianism, the state religion of ancient Iran. This symbol can be interpreted exactly as what you see in it: A person who flies a kind of a round aircraft. Although some will  argue that the winged disk is … Continue reading

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Pyramid Structures Near Western Cuba

Pyramids under the waters of Cuba were discovered by two scientists Paul Weinzweig and Pauline Zalitzki. They found the ruins of ancient buildings for about a mile below the sea and considered them to be Atlantis. Paulina found elsewhere in Cuba ancient descriptions and symbols … Continue reading

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Red Rain In India

On 25 July 2001, residents saw on the State of Kerala (District South – West  India) red rain drops. The rain was local, and it lasts from a few minutes to 20  minutes at most. He fell on a limited area … Continue reading

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Pyramid Energy Beam Motif

  Motif of the light or energy beam comming out from the top of a pyramid is repeated himself as a phenomenon or an artistic, symbolic production in places and or different situations. The motif is repeated in science, architecture and … Continue reading

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Robert Kasero Pottery Art

  His pottery art combines sacred geometry and fractals in a spectacular way. Decorate the jar triangles forming the spiral that we know from many examples in  nature.     It seems that he spent a lot of work and time … Continue reading

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Pyramid Gate

  Pyramid Gate, Castle Howard Built to impress, this huge gatehouse stands on a low ridge and is visible from the southern end of the main drive, along which visitors from York would arrive.   It is one … Continue reading

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