Unexplained Things Are Out There

The Fish That Walks To Evolution - Spotted Handfish   Ever wondered what it would be like to give a fish a high-five? Now you can find out :) The Spotted Handfish is a rare and endangered fish that belongs to the Brachion...
'Planetary Grid' hypothesis The 'Planetary Grid' hypothesis is a modern concept which suggests that the Earth is surrounded by an invisible network of energy, carried around the globe by a kind of 'geometric ...
Ancient Labyrinths Around The World A labyrinth, unlike a maze, has only one path, winding but branchless, leading from the entrance to the center.
News - Mysterious Megalithic caves uncovered in ChinaChinese media reports  on a new significant megalithic site that includes 48 ancient mysterious carved caves, discovered at a 3,000 square meter hilltop in Zhon...
Sweden - A UFO Treehouse Located in a quiet forest near the Lule River in Harads, there is an unusual  Treehotel. A themed hotel park consisting of treehouses.
Russia - Shaitan Mazar UFO Crash incident   The Shaitan Mazar UFO Crash incident began on August 28, 1991, at shortly before 5:00 P.
Tri-Lobed Disc of Sabu - Evidence Of High-tech In Ancient Egypt ?  On the first floor of the Cairo Museum,  there is a strange item, a round plate with three inflection, discovered in the tomb of Sabu, Pharaoh Anedjib's  son.
Siberia - mysterious copper masked mummies of an unknown northern communityRussian archaeologists discovered a few years ago a dozen extraordinary (including well preserved corpses wearing copper masks), digging at Zeleniy Yar, a remote excavati...
North Dakota - A Pyramid Missile Control Building In Safeguard ComplexThe Library of Congress published an amazing collection of images documenting the Stanley R.
India - Man Eating Three Kilos Of Stones A Day 30 years old Indian construction worker called Fkirafh Hunagondi diagnosed with a rare syndrome that comes with a strange addiction -  stones eating.
Mississippi - UFO captured by Retired coupleThe couple, Edith and Rainer Atlas put a camera on one of the pillars in the woods near their home wishing to get on tape elks and deer that comes to visit thei...
The 4,000 Years Old Great Orme Copper Mines, Llandudno, Wales, UKThe Copper Mines buried deep within the Great Orme are possibly the largest in the World featuring many tunnels, large caverns and a very large amount still to uncover, w...
England - Professor claims that he have a photographic proof of fairies  A 53 years old  lecturer from Manchester Metropolitan University  - England, captured the fantastic images of what he claims are fairies in the Rossendale Valley.
Ethiopia - A New Development Of Towers That Harvest Clean Water From Thin AirEthiopia is known for the problem of lack of drinking water, sometimes the distance between the village drinking water reservoir is many hours and days of walking.
Sacred Geometry, Rocket Science, Fractals, UfO's And Architecture In A 3D Model Gifts By Tom Houha  Tom Houha is an Architect working in the Portland & Seattle area designing commercial and residential buildings.
Abydos, Egypt - Ancient Tomb With Pyramid Entrance DiscoveredWhile excavating at an ancient cemetery in Abydos Egypt, a group of archaeologists found a tomb with a pyramid 7 meters (23 feet) high at its entrance.
India - Elephanta Island And The Mysterious Carved Caves  Mumbai is generally considered as one of the most modern cities in India.
Lithuania - Kryziu Kalnas “Hill Of Crosses”  Kryziu Kalnas was originally a ceremonial site where Lithuanians would mourn the dead lost at war.
The Very Unusual Mütter Museum (Pennsylvania)The Mütter Museum is an institution dedicated to medical anomalies. It houses organs, bones, fetuses and statues that’ll leave you with chills.
The Arctic Harvester - A Brilliant Design Of Floating Hydroponic Farm And Village   French architecture students came up with the idea for Arctic Harvester, a floating hydroponic farm and village.

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