Unexplained Things Are Out There

Italy - Mysterious Tunnels At Baiae There is a site located on the northern shore of the Bay of Naples, Italy, that has long been involved with mystery, myth, and magic.
Incredible Japanese Paintings Of Dragons Made With A Single Stroke  ‘Hitofude ryuu’ is a complexe and beautiful Japanese paint technique of creating dragon bodies in a single brushstroke.
A Message From Brain To Brain - A First Successful Telepathy Experiment  Scientists at Harvard University have managed to convey a message from one brain to another located at distance of more than 6,000 km.
Video - A Rare Ants Activity And Display Of Teamwork   A new online video is becoming increasingly popular and amaze the scientific community regarding team work of ants.
Cedric Laquieze's Army Of Fairies  Amsterdam-based artist Cedric Laquieze has created a series of taxidermy fairies.
Amazing Photographs Of People Living Alone In The Wilderness of Russia In his picture collection ‘Escape,’ Russian photographer Danila Tkachenko traveled by the wilderness of Russia and Ukraine in a search for hermits residing in self-impose...
Mexico - Giant Earth Crack Opens Up Along Costa de Hermosillo  A one kilometer long and eight meters deep large crack in the Costa de Hermosillo, Mexico is baffling the locals and officials of La Candelaria.
Excavation in Northwest China May Reveal Zoroastrianism’s Origin  A group of archaeologists in Northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region have discovered major Zoroastrian tombs, dated to over 2,500 years ago.
A UFO/Orb Caught On Video By Canadian News Crew During Forest Fire Coverage  On July 17, 2014,a news organization in Western Canada, posted a video shot in West Kelowna — northeast of Vancouver — featuring efforts to stop the Smith Creek Wildf...
A Rare 'white' Penguin Spotted in Antarctica  Travelers on a National Geographic - Lindblad expedition to Antarctica came across a white and light brown leucistic chinstrap penguin in Aitcho Island.
News Cameraman Attacked And Scratched By A Ghost Or A Demon In A Haunted House  A family from Pennsylvania family claims their house is haunted by a ghost or some kind of demon and they has the recordings, pictures and home-videos to show it, go...
UFO's Photographed By Several Witnesses In Houston USA On the night of August 11, 2014, locals from Houston, Texas saw, photographed and recorded a bizarre set of lights hovering in the night sky.
Japan - Mysterious Megalithic Sites Of Sakafune-ishi and Masuda Iwafune  Sakafune-ishi is one of the most enigmatic megalithic stones in Japan and the Asuka district.
A Giant Humanoid Shadow Found On The Moon  A new anomaly related to our moon surfaced recently online when a YouTube user -  wowforreeel posted a discovery made or found out by using Google Earth's moon map ...
UK - 'Fist Hand Cloud' Photographed   Photographer David Christie, 38-year-old father of two, was with his wife, Judy, 37 years old, outside their home in Kent, England.
Germany - Triangle UFO Videotaped Passing Above A Playground   Is a triangular UFO caught on video over Kassel, Germany, on June 26 by a man who was filming his son playing in a park? Some members of the online UFO community think...
Box Of Mirrors  Check out Ron Brinkmann's photography project using the box of mirrors - 
Egypt - Mysterious Serapeum of Saqqara  The Serapeum in Egypt located near the pyramid of Djoser in Sakkara is an enigmatic sort of underground bunker, first entered by Auguste Mariette in 1851.
Alchemy secrets exposed? Scientists Use Super-Strong Bacteria to Produce 24K Gold   A team of Michigan State University researchers have discovered a bacterium that has the ability to withstand incredible amounts of toxicity to create 24-karat gold.
Decebalus - Last King of Dacia, RomaniaThis mighty 40-meter-tall bearded stone face overlooking the Danube River looks like something straight from Middle Earth.

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